Due to popular demand and the ever increasing prices of good condition MX5′s and parts we have decided to offer a new service. ‘As-New’ MX5 refurbishment!

Have an MX5 that’s in need of a little TLC then look no further. We now offer full and part refurbishment on all aspects.

‘As-New’ Underside Refurbishment

This consists of a full underside strip down. Both subframes and all arms are removed, blasted and coated. The full underside of the vehicle is stripped back getting rid of any dirt and loose original underseal. At this point the shell can be properly inspected and should there be any chassis repairs they will be easy to asses and can be carried out to a high standard. Once the chassis is to the desired standard it can then be fully undersealed without the hindrance of any subframes or heat shields which could cause spots to be missed. The freshly coated subframes and arms can now be reinstalled!

Whilst the underside is stripped there are some options to further restore/improve the underside of your MX5.
  • Replacement suspension bushes.
  • Replacement dampers and springs.
  • New camber bolts.
  • New wheel bearings.
  • New brake/fuel lines.
  • Braided brake lines.
  • Diff strip, check and clean including painting the housing and installing new seals.
  • Brake caliper refurbishment.
  • fuel tank strip inspect and seal.

Prices start at around £1000+vat for the standard service but depend on original condition. All options and welding/fabrication is extra along with any parts that need to be replaced due to being beyond repair.



‘As-New’ Engine Refurbishment

Due to the age of these cars engines are becoming a little tired, worn out and prone to leaks. We now offer a full engine rebuild and refresh service either on your own engine or a replacement unit giving back the power, reliability and looks it previously had.

This consists of a full strip down, clean and inspection of the engine for any damage or excessive wear. At this point a decision can be made on whether the engine is viable for rebuild of if any major mechanical parts will need replacing, such as crank shaft or pistons, although this is not usually the case in engines that come in running. It is then fully rebuild using a combination of new parts and the original major mechanical items.

new parts and services include:

  • Piston rings
  • Big end bearings
  • Main bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Refaced valves
  • Oil pump
  • Water pump
  • Head gasket
  • Cam and crank seals
  • Timing belt kit

What you end up with is an engine that looks and performs ‘As-New’!

Prices start at £ 1800+vat for the standard service. Any parts outside the normal rebuild would be extra.

Whilst the engine is stripped there are endless upgrades that can be carried out such as:
  • Head skim (to improve compression)
  • 3 angle valve seats
  • ARP bolts
  • Race bearings
  • Uprated pistons
  • Uprated connecting rods
  • Billet oil pump
  • Uprated crank damper

The list really is endless and engines can be built to customer preference. Anything from the standard rebuild and refresh to something that is capable of well over 400hp!

‘As-New’ Seats

Due to the age of these cars some of the seats are starting to look very tired and can be torn or ripped. We now offer a replacement refurbished seat that looks as good AsNew!

What you get is a freshly covered seat in the original colour to the original high standard. Unfortunately we are not currently able to refurbish seats in cloth but we can make your cloth seats leather.

Prices start at £450+vat. Seats are on an exchange basis so the seat you get may not be based on your original but but will be of the same type.